Why Buy Second Hand?

In Canada, the average person throws out 80 pounds of textiles annually, while North Americans send 10 million tons of clothing to the landfill every year - most of which could be reused or recycled.

By buying secondhand, you are not only reducing your environmental impact, but also saving a lot of money! At The Green Peach, our goal is to help reduce the amount of textile waste ending up in the landfills and changing the stigma around buying secondhand. The Green Peach consigns lightly-used children's items and clothes that can still stand up to the wear of another child. By buying secondhand, you will help our Planet by reducing the amount of energy, water footprint, demand for the packing industry, and reduce pollution while saving our precious natural resources by reusing what already exists in the world. 

It's a small contribution we can help make for the future of our kids and the next generations to follow.