Preparing Your Items for Consignment

Now that you have gathered your items for consignment, it's time to go through them and choose your best 30 items for consignment. All items should be in like-new or new condition.

A few things that we do not accept include car seats, stuffies, recalled items, toys with missing parts, helmets, used pacifiers/bottles, clothing with excessive wear, and items that are not clean.



All clothing must be freshly laundered within 1 week of your appointment.

Button all buttons, zip zippers, snap snaps.

Inspect all items. Items with holes, stains, etc are not accepted.



No holes in soles.

Laundered/wiped down.

No holes, no odors, like new condition.



Toys should not be missing any parts and be completely functional.

Disinfect/clean all items.

Only toys that can be fully wiped down and can be disinfected are accepted (no cloth parts etc).


Baby Equipment/Others:

All wiped down and disinfected.

Functional with minimal wear.

Please contact us to see what items we are able to accept.


Still have questions about some of your items or unsure if we will accept something? Feel free to contact us and we can let you know!