Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens to the clothes after the consignment period expires?

All items that have expired and have not been picked up by the consignor within 7 days will be donated to a local charity. 

Q. How should I organize my clothes for drop off?

All clothing items should be freshly laundered within one week of drop off, this includes shoes. Pre-inspect all of your items for any stains, rips, or heavy wear. Have all buttons buttoned, zippers zipped, and snaps snapped. All items should be neatly folded. 


Q. Are you only online or is there an actual store?

We are a local online consignment store working from our home in the city.


Q. Do you only accept in-season items?

We will happily accept items in any season, however "off-season" items may be held until a more appropriate time for listing. We prefer to accept items for the current season or next season (summer is accepted in spring, winter accepted in fall etc.) 


Q. Do you only accept children’s clothing?

No. We also accept children's gear such as strollers, high chairs, toys, baby furniture/nursery items, play mats, baby accessories, bath items etc. We do not accept towels, stuffies, car seats, heavily used toys, gear that cannot be fully wiped down (example: toys with cloth pieces), or items that have been recalled.


Q. What size of clothing do you accept?

We accept from newborn up to 6T.


Q. Do you accept shoes?

Yes! All shoes must be in clean condition upon inspection. We accept all up to size 13 (toddlers). All shoes must be fully cleaned and have no smells or holes. 


Q. What do I do if I have questions about my order?

Please reach out to us at any time via email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will try to reply within 24 hours.


Q. What is the cutoff for local delivery?

All orders must be placed before 9:00 pm on Sunday night to be eligible for Monday delivery. If the order is placed on Monday, the delivery will be completed the following Monday.  


Q. Will you consolidate orders?

Yes! Please notify us as soon as possible who you are consolidating your order with and we will make sure both orders go out together.


Q. What is the consignment split at The Green Peach?

You can choose between a 40% store credit of the selling price of your consigned items, or direct payment via e-transfer of 30%A $2.00 processing fee will be deducted from the payment of each e-transfer.